Insights into the Break Normal Blog

A blog about financial independence for life hackers to help them understand how smart financial decisions and relatively simple lifestyle changes can help them reduce or eliminate their dependence on a job.

Why did I start this blog?

This blog was created to explore how societal norms, particularly those related to personal finance, often lead to non-optimal lifestyles.

I have interacted with many people throughout my journey: family members, college friends, fellow students, professors, administrative staff, professional colleagues, and more. When talking about life issues, there seems to be a common theme: ignorance, i.e., a lack of knowledge or information. It has always felt strange to me that people don't deliberately think about changing their lifestyle, and that many people seemingly don't care about self improvement.

In order to improve our life, we must be open to learn and change. Although I am still on my journey to financial independence and don't have all of the answers, I hope to empower readers with the confidence required to liberate oneself from "normal" through the persepctives that I share on this blog. If you are ready to plan for a better future, then join me and let's break normal, together!