Break Normal

DiY HomeKit Switch

I wanted to play around with smart home switches that allow you to turn on or off the power to plugged devices. However, most switches on the market are relatively expensive. Moreover, I don’t want my switch sending private data about the status of my home to any server not... [Read More]

DiY Apple Homekit Camera With Raspberry Pi

Apple Homekit products can be expensive. Instead, I purchased a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero W with a NoIR Camera for $45, and wanted to turn it into something useful. I decided to try setting it up as a Homekit camera whose feed could be checked from the Apple Home... [Read More]

Front Loading Your 401k Contributions

We’ve all been told that we should save for retirement. In fact, saving as much as possible from your paycheck is one of the keys to achieving financial independence at a relatively young age, thanks to compounding interest and the ever-increasing stock market. The... [Read More]